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This page shows updates made to this site and the game. Not all changes show up here.

9 May 2021 -- First major change in a while. The major change is the point values for puzzles. I wanted to give more points for smaller puzzles, because they are harder to solve. The old way started the value at 6,500 and subtracted 500 for each word in the puzzle with this starting value not dropping below 3,500 points. When I looked at values for different puzzles of various lengths and adding average points per word, I noticed that the smaller puzzles had a higher average. I removed the starting value and subtraction per word and noticed the average points per word was still higher in the smaller puzzles.

13 Nov 2020

5 Nov 2020 -- Changed values of correct spelling bonus in questions and bonuses for when puzzles guesses match. The objective is to give points based on words instead of a flat number. Unfortunately, some words have common letters with a large number of vowels but can be just as difficult to spell. The punctuation marks take time to type. Some puzzles have zero, but others may have five or six. I'll experiment with this change.

19 Aug 2020 -- Changed formatting of text for this site, specifically the colors of text and headings. When looking at the site in the browser, I had trouble seeing the text. My apologies to those that couldn't see the text.

21 Jun 2020

14 Jun 2020

1 Jun 2020 -- On the full rules page, I put some example data into tables to make it look better. It even confused me reading them.

21 May 2020 -- I made changes to the scoring. I want to make all the scoring changes before playing a game, so it doesn't affect past players.

I felt that a bonus of 50 points for choosing a random level isn't enough, so I changed it to a percentage to encourage it. It also means a better chance at getting the jackpot.

When I updated the rules page this iteration, I got the feeling of too much information. Specifically, I added more examples in the scoring section.

After typing that last paragraph, I got the idea to move the examples to their own section. That way, players that don't care or want to know can just skip it.

18 May 2020 -- I just noticed that the date below said 2010 instead of 2020. Oops.

19 Jan 2020

9 Jan 2019

25 Dec 2019 -- Did a game reset to start anew:

8 Dec 2019

20 Oct 2019

16 Sep 2019

10 Jul 2019

6 Jan 2019 -- First update of the new year.

30 Dec 2018 -- Last update of the year:

27 Dec 2018 -- Updated instructions for Apple users along with other corrections on that page. I was able to test their use during Christmas. (Thanks goes to the in-laws for allowing me to test it.)

20 Dec 2018 -- Made some changes to the script:

2 Dec 2018 -- Added ability to accept answers to pre-game questions and award points for correct answers. As of this writing, no one is on the notify list to get the pre-game questions, but they are sent out most of the time. (Shh! Don't tell anyone.)

23 Nov 2018

23 Sep 2018

29 Aug 2018

15 Aug 2018 -- Added information on how to connect to the game through iPhone or iPad.

12 Aug 2018 -- Made some corrections to the script based on errors from game on Thursday.

21 Jul 18 -- Made some script changes after the game. Things weren't working correctly.

15 Jul 18 -- Three major changes:

14 Jul 18 -- Updated e-mail links to new e-mail address specifically for this site. I'm hoping to add a mailing list script to automate it for me.

12 Jul 18 -- This is the initial posting of this site. The game has been in the works for about a year and a half. Some major changes have occurred since the last game about 18, 19 years ago. I'll start with the changes made within the last month:

That's all I can think of changing in the last month, so I'll go through changes made since the last game about 18, 19 years ago.

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Game format and questions written by me are copyright 2017-2021 by Jeremy Adderley. Feel free to use the game's format and questions as long as no money exchanges hands and giving credit. Questions written by others are properly credited in the answers. Please send an e-mail to request permission and/or make payment(s) for their use when it involves money.

So far, I wrote most of the questions, so I'm adding a disclaimer that I do not talk about the questions with anyone that I feel may end up playing the game, especially my wife. This is so they can play, and other players don't feel those people have an edge over them.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists: newsletter and notify. They're considered separate just in case a person only wants one. The newsletter contains a summary of the game, including scores of everyone who played, corrections to scores, updates to the game, and even high score lists. The notify list announces the time for the next game; however, the most important aspect is asking three random questions the day before the game session. Answering these three questions before the game officially starts will earn points. The three random questions will only appear in the notify list.

There is a page on Facebook about the game, and I post when the next game will be and updates to the site/game.

Privacy Policy

E-mail addresses collected are only used to send the newsletter and inform when the next game occurs. They are not sold in any form. Any real names collected will not appear on this site, unless they contributed something that deserves credit. The idea is to use nicknames for purposes of high scores and other information shown on the stats page.